If your discount code isn't accepted, please check to make sure that your code has been entered correctly. Discount codes are not case sensitive.

If your code has been entered correctly, but still isn't working there could be a number of reasons why:

  • Discount code has expired - please check with the provider of the code that it is still valid
  • Discount criteria has not been met - please check the terms of the discount to ensure that the correct items are in your basket. Most discount codes will require specific products to be purchased or have a minimum order value in order to work
  • You are not signed in - some discount codes are restricted to specific customers. If you have been sent a code by email, please ensure that you have logged in using the same email address that the code was sent to.
  • Only one discount code can be used per order - You may have multiple discount codes, however only one can be used per order. You will need to decide which code offers you the best saving. 

Discount code works, but other offers aren't showing?

Some of the discount codes that we issue cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. These codes will cancel offers such as 5 for 4 on stampers and 3 for 2 on certificates.